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​Cameron Cobb has spent the last twenty years in front of and behind the camera. His eye for getting just the right shot was borne out of his previous career in acting and agency work. After numerous successful roles on both the stage and screen, Cobb began taking a keen interest in the marketing materials of talent seeking work in the industry. He quickly discerned what worked—and what didn’t. Often times, a key role awarded to a particular actor was granted on the special truths shown behind the eyes--and beyond just another head shot of a smiling face. In short, great photography can be, and make, the difference.

It was this realization that led Cobb to pursue a commercial career in photography, bringing a unique and trained eye to a wide variety of photo categories. Be it a wedding, concert, lifestyle shoot, portraiture or brand campaigns, Cobb’s singular narrative is to find the very heart of the subject he photographs. And finding the genuine object through the lens of a camera has led to a real passion for capturing the essence of his subjects.



 Cameron Cobb Photography