Fill out the form in the CONTACT tab or call 972-955-9748 with dates and we can look at availability.

A 25% reservation fee is due upon actual booking, which will be applied to your balance unless the reservation is cancelled or moved less than 48 hours in advance.

‚ÄčEvery shoot is different, with equipment requirements, time and post-production needs varying depending on the desired final product.  Plus, while the shoot is over for you after an hour or two, that's when my work really begins.

That said, I do offer an hourly rate for event work.

$250/hr (min. 4 hrs.) with full commercial release and 12 hour turnaround. Wedding packages are priced separately. Contact for further details.

The initial "contact sheet" will be a link to low resolution images that will bear a watermark. (I know, I hate them too...) From there, selections can be made and any additional edits negotiated.

The final images will be high-resolution (300 dpi) images delivered on removable media (flash drive or disc - depending on amount of shots).

While this may seem old-school, I do this so that you are able to download and duplicate, while also having a back-up copy should anything happen to your computer.

Back-up and storage of the initial RAW digital negative files is available at an additional cost.

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Rates vary based on many factors. Examples can be number of people, intended use, shoot requirements, location, releases, etc. 

Please check the CONTACT section for a very short form where you can list what it is your looking for and I'd be happy to get right back to you with availability and a rate quote.

It is my absolute goal more than anything that the work I deliver is worth more to you than the  amount you pay for it. The greatest compliment I could ever receive would be: "I would have given double for just that one shot alone.".

I do. I have a lab that I work with frequently.

The final digital images you receive will be of the quality and resolution for basic use (i.e. social media, email, small-scale printing), I'm happy to discuss package fees based on your needs should you require something on a more grand scale.

Know ahead of time that I am NOT one of these who charges $300 to print an 8 x 10 after you fall in love with a photo, but please understand that printing costs can also vary for each shot & size and maintaining image integrity can sometimes require additional edits and even multiple test prints on various papers to achieve the desired final product. 

The full cost of the quoted printing rate is due upon ordering of the agreed-upon package.