"I was very nervous the day of the shoot and told Cameron and told him why. He was very solicitous and empathetic and, most importantly, comforting.  Relaxation and trust began to grow and it all came from the encouraging and confident way that Cameron worked. He reiterated that we didn't have to use any of the shots to which I objected. I told him that he had free rein to do with the photos as he saw fit. I felt no need to protect myself. I felt safe in his hands.

It was an exhilarating afternoon, putting my face in his hands and trusting that I could face the aging, well-worn face and own it. I was well-rewarded. "


                                                                  -  Terry Vandivort

Cameron Cobb Photography



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"It had been fifteen years since I had professional head shots made and I was a little nervous. Cameron immediately put me at ease and the shoot ended up being a lot of fun!

He's got an eye and intuitively knows how to get the best  shots from his subject. 

I love his work and recommend him to anyone I know looking for amazing photos."

                                                                 - Mara Richards 

"He is a consummate artist with a wicked eye for detail and composition. And more than anything, he hides all his calculations with an easy bedside manner that allows you to relax and reveal something true about yourself. While his manner is very casual, easy-going, & playful, he is able to bring the most natural engaging and interesting pictures.

In our business, we find it easy to portray characters in front of thousands of people with no problem, but find ourselves quite shy and awkward to simply present ourselves one-on-one. 

His shots allow your most genuine self to shine through. I was so surprised at what Cameron was able to bring out in me. "


                                                                                      - John Flores 

"Cameron is a true artist. Over the past year, he has taken some of the most precious moments of my life and captured them perfectly so I can hold onto them forever.

I consider myself privileged to have several [of his photos] on display in my home."

                                  - Barrett Nash

"The greatest compliment I hear when people I know see my headshot season with Cameron is, "He REALLY got you!" He has a unique ability to create an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, and spontaneity that brought out my best, with the photographer's eye and skill to capture it.

I didn't anticipate how much fun I was going to have. We were like a couple of kids on an adventure. "Okay, now let's try this!" and it resulted in one of the best headshot sessions I have ever had.

Near the end of our shoot, I asked Cameron if there was time for some shots to be taken with a bare face and slicked-back hair.  As an actress of a certain age, that meant a very different request than it would have been when I was 20.  I had to let go of my vanity, to risk being raw, and face some of the fears of what the photographer would see with the camera lens. My trust in Cameron's skill was well-placed. What came back was a stunning and powerful image that I will always treasure. I'm so glad I took the chance. "

                                                                                      - Nancy Sherrard